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Product Highlights

Working at the molecular level, natural extracts from our unique formula will manage to destroy bacteria which is a common cause of skin disease and body odor. The beneficial microorganisms will eliminate pathogens and release refreshing oxygen on the pet's skin. By working at the nano level we ensures that your pet will receive the most efficient care from nature. 

natural extract

A gentle natural pet shampoo with herbal extracts. 


with our unique formula with non SLS, Paraben and chemical. O2 Shampoo are safe  Safe from toxins that can irritate pets

prevent bacteria and

Prevents bacteria, fungi, ticks and fleas if used continuously.

 no more tears

safely enterPet's mouth and eyes . 

Eco friendly product

All of our products are 100% environmentally friendly.

nature scent protect 48hr

O2 SHAMPOO selected the precious natural and Floral



The O2 NATURE naturalristic shampoo for Pets line of products was launched in Thailand 2013, according to the vision that every bath time for pets should be a  happy, healthy and eco- friendly.


Dog Product 
Mild 200ml 0
Price ฿195.00THB
Puppy 200ml 0
Price ฿195.00THB
FRESH 200ml 0
Price ฿195.00THB
Premium rich 200ml 0
Price ฿250.00THB
Premium gold 200ml 0
Price ฿250.00THB
Mild 500ml 0
Price ฿380.00THB
Puppy 500ml 0
Price ฿380.00THB
FRESH 500ml 0
Price ฿380.00THB
Premium rich 500ml 0
Price ฿480.00THB
Premium gold 500ml 0
Price ฿480.00THB
Mild 3000ml 0
Price ฿1,500.00THB
Puppy 3000ml 0
Price ฿1,500.00THB
FRESH 3000ml 0
Price ฿1,500.00THB
Premium rich 3000ml 0
Price ฿1,900.00THB
Premium gold 3000ml 0
Price ฿1,900.00THB
Cat Product
Cat 200ml 0
Price ฿195.00THB
Kitten 200ml 0
Price ฿195.00THB
Premium Cat 200ml 0
Price ฿250.00THB
Kitten 500ml 0
Price ฿380.00THB
Premium Cat 500ml 0
Price ฿480.00THB
Cat 500ml 0
Price ฿380.00THB
Product Cleaner
Cleaner 500ml 0
Price ฿480.00THB
Cleaner 3000ml 0
Price ฿2,000.00THB


Dealer and Distributor All O2 nature product are ready to export worldwide For Further information

please contact us




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